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Macky Sall lays the foundation stone for a car assembly plant: Thiès, West Africa’s future automotive hub In the morning of yesterday, the Rail Transit Capital Planning Area received Prime Minister Macky Sall, with his Excellency the Deputy Minister of Industry and Mines of Iran, Dr. Shaterzadeh. The time of laying the foundation stone of a production plant and assembly of vehicles, fruit of the South-South partnership between Iran and Senegal. An approach so dear to the President of the Republic of Senegal, Mr. Abdoulaye Wade, which will be worth to our country, and particularly to the populations of Thiès, in less than 5 years, to benefit from two factories of assembly of vehicles. After Senbus, Seniran Auto SA is launched by the Prime Minister, Macky Sall, who reaffirmed the strong will of the head of state to make « de Thies a decisive industrial pole in the inexorable advance of Senegal to progress According to Macky Sall , this project reveals that the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdoulaye Wade, has perfectly and courageously measured the primary requirements that underpin progress; notably the modernization of the means of communication and mobility. Implanted on a ground of 22 ha integrating the needs for extension in the future, of an area of ​​approximately 30 ha. The plant will start producing 5,000 cars in anticipation of the Senegalese market and will increase its capacity to 10,000 vehicles in the next six years. It must generate 500 direct fixed jobs, not counting all the others that small and medium-sized businesses will offer from the provision of services that such activity requires. The overall cost of this factory is estimated at more than 40 billion francs; namely the administrative building, social facilities, fire brigade buildings, utilitarian sites such as water treatment, compressor room, generators, telephone facilities and traffic infrastructure. What will make the Prime Minister, Macky Sall, say that « beyond this consecration of Thies as automotive pole of West Africa, it is the strong signal of a Senegal which walks and which marches very that his Excellency Mr. Abdoulaye Wade intends to give « .
He added that « he is happy that a brother country like the Islamic Republic of Iran is joining our convictions; a developed and industrialized Senegal is within our reach. « In his address, his Excellency, Shaterzadeh, representative of the Iranian government at the ceremony, said all the pleasure of meeting for the first time on Senegalese soil for the laying of the first stone of the Samand production and vehicle assembly plant in Senegal. According to him, this marks the entry of the Iranian auto industry into the subregion from Senegal. « The quality and affordability of Iran Khoro products will certainly be a source of pride for both countries, » he notes. The site of the vehicle factory is in the rural community of Fandène which surrounds the commune of Thiès. This is why its president, Saliou Mbaye, after having welcomed the local administrative authorities, religious leaders of all faiths present on the spot, to the governmental authorities of Iran and Senegal, reaffirmed the commitment of the local population. Thiès alongside President Abdoulaye Wade to meet other challenges for the exclusive happiness of the people. « We are happy to learn that the local workforce will be privileged, as long as its expertise is in line with the profiles sought by the factory, » he says. Previously, Hady Khaly Niang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Seniran Auto SA returned on the composition of the capital of the company which is 3,000,000,000 F CFA fully paid in cash and distributed as follows: 60% to the Iranian car manufacturing company Iran Khoro, 20% the state of Senegal and 20% to private Senegalese. He also said that within a period of 16 months at most, the first vehicles made in Thiès will take the macadam.
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